Kælan Mikla is a three-piece gloomy poetry punk band from Reykjavík. These three art-punkers are the spirit of riot grrl incarnate in Iceland. They are doing something truly unique and subversive with their raucous and disarming yet captivating form of poetry goth rock. It’s not always as serious as it sounds but it’s always beautiful, bolstered by a strong DIY aesthetic and attitude. They have an album due to come out this year. (RX)

We met Kælan Mikla downtown Reykjavík at the „Gaukurinn“ Bar where we recorded the new song „Kalt“ in a splendid afternoon session.


You can download the track at Bandcamp

Hún grætur milli húsasunda
tárin renna milli múrsteina.
Hún vonar að vorið vakni
sorgin upp rakni.

Afhverju er alltaf kalt?
Afhverju er ljósið svart?