Prins Póló – Sandalar

We tried hard to shoot a video with Prins Póló on our last years ‪#‎OE2iceland‬ tour. We met him twice but because of unexpected farming duties on Karlsstöðum this dream did not come true. The more we are pleased that we spontaneously catched Svavar and Berglind during their short stay in Berlin in January.

Gus Loxbo & Katt Hernandez

By accident Katt Hernandez (Violin) and Gus Loxbo (Singing Saw) crossed our way in the Cafe Babalú for a super suprising recording. They named the piece: “The Babalú Boat Song” Recorded in Cafe Babalú, Reykjavík 09.05.2015 | #OE2iceland

Antimony – Purity Control

We met Antimony, a newly-created coldwave band from Iceland, shortly after the release of their first promising EP "OVA". The multilayer electronics, topped by the facile vocals and deep bass line intriguingly catch us immediately. To our surprise RX Beckett (vocals), Birgir Sigurjón Birgisson (bass) and Sigurður Angantýsson (electronics and production) showed up with a brand new song at the shooting. Now we are proud to present: Purity Control.

Music-Video: Dizzy Moon Around

Music-Video: Dizzy Moon Around We are proud to present the new Orange ‘Ear video production: “Dizzy Moon Around” by Dizzy Moon “One cello & one voice. Dizzy Moon is a singular project that proposes an extremely sensitive combination, where the richness of the cello sounds mingle with Maryse’s limpid and ethereal voice and bring a [...]